General Overview Of Our Services

About Sembawang Town Council

Sembawang Town Council manages and maintains the common property in the HDB estates in Sembawang GRC, which comprises Admiralty, Canberra, Gambas, Sembawang and Woodlands divisions. As of January 2017, the Town Council manages a total of 68,000 property units which include residential, commercial and social communal properties.

Our logo represents the Town Council vision and mission. With the four figures positioned in the centre of the logo, this demonstrates our commitment to build a resident-centric Town Council. The blue and green colors used in the logo reflect Sembawang’s rustic nature and her proximity to nature, greenery and the waterfront. The orange and yellow colors symbolize a vision for a vibrant town, active community and happy residents.

With the active participation of all residents, Sembawang Town Council seeks to improve the facilities, provide better services and make Sembawang GRC a clean, green, convenient and attractive place for all to live in.


Role of Sembawang Town Council

Sembawang Town Council controls, manages, maintains and improves the common properties of HDB residential flats and commercial properties within the town. Common properties include corridors, void decks, lifts, water tanks, public lighting and open spaces.

The role of Sembawang Town Council includes:

• Routine Maintenance Work

Sembawang Town Council engages certified conservancy contractors to clean and maintain the common areas of our town. These activities include sweeping, cleaning, washing and clearing of trash. Other routine activities undertaken by the Town Council include horticultural and grass-cutting, building maintenance, and maintenance of electrical and mechanical services, such as lifts, pumps and common area lighting fixtures. As we tackle the mounting challenge of maintaining our growing town, we also look for ways to raise productivity while saving costs.


Sembawang Town Council also constantly seeks to incorporate recent technology into our maintenance processes. One of our most recent additions include the high-pressure long lance washer, which allows our cleaners to clean previously hard-to-reach places such as overhead areas and awkward corners.

Through our routine maintenance work, we aim to achieve a clean, pleasant and welcoming town for all.

• Cyclical Work

Sembawang Town Council carries out cyclical work to ensure that our estates remain in good condition for our residents. These works include repairs and redecoration (R&R), re-roofing, replacements of lifts, pumps and pipes, are carried out on a scheduled and consistent basis.

For updates on ongoing cyclical work, click here.


• Town Improvement Work

To ensure that the varying needs of our residents are met, Sembawang Town Council works closely with grassroots organizations to identify improvement works that will enhance the quality of living in our Town. Town Improvement Projects aim to increase the leisure and recreational options for residents, as well as to enhance convenience and accessibility of our Towns.

For updates on the ongoing Town Improvement projects, click here.


• Essential Maintenance Services

In case of emergencies or breakdowns, our Town Council is also able to provide interim support and relief while repairs or rectification are in progress.

Residents may call our 24-hour, toll-free hotline 1800 275 5555 for the following:

• Temporary restoration of electrical or water supply
• Lift rescue
• Lift breakdown
• Any other emergencies


• Finance and General Services

We offer a selection of finance and general services for the convenience of our residents.

Our collection counters assist residents with a wide range of requests, including payment of monthly S&CC, bookings fees for use of common facilities, as well as general enquiries on our services.

Other general services by the Town Council include:

• Managing the use of common facilities (void decks, link halls, open spaces, etc.)
• Assisting residents with bookings for such facilities
• Advising on obstruction and other issues relating to the use of common spaces



Key Officers of Sembawang Town Council

General Manager / Secretary
Mr Soon Min Sin
Deputy General Manager
Mr Christopher Sum Tat Meng
Senior Finance & Admin Managers
Ms B Rukmani
Ms Tan Ai Tin

Town Council Management Report (TCMR)

The Town Council Management Report (TCMR)* is published annually to promote greater accountability and transparency, as well as to encourage community ownership of the management of public housing estates. The TCMR framework typically covers five areas:

• Estate Cleanliness
• Estate Maintenance
• Lift Performance
• Service & Conservancy Charges (S&CC) Arrears Management
• Corporate Governance

Here is the latest TCMR for Sembawang Town Council in FY2018 (April 2018 – March 2019):

Estate Cleanliness Estate Maintenance Lift Performance S&CC Arrears Management Corporate Governance

The Town Council has achieved "Green" for all 5 indicators under the TCMR.

The Town Council's top 5 observations for cleanliness and maintenance were:

  Type of Cleanliness Observations % of Total Observations
1 Stain and litter 79%
2 Dumped bulky item/refuse 11%
3 Graffiti 3%
4 Moss 3%
5 Faeces/bird droppings 2%


  Type of Maintenance Observations % of Total Observations
1 Obstruction of common areas 55%
2 Storage of combustible items 16%
3 Unauthorised fixtures, e.g. blinds mounted as a sun shade 12%
4 Damaged plaster/ large cracks/spallings concrete 3%
5 Wild plants/weeds 2%

We would like to thank our residents for their support and feedback in helping Sembawang Town Council in achieving Green for the four areas in the Town Council Management Report. To help us to further improve on the standards of cleanliness and maintenance in our Town, we would like to encourage our residents to exercise good social habits, refrain from littering and disposing bulky refuse at common areas, and help maintain obstruction-free common corridors.