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Sayang Sembawang March 2020

Dear Residents,

Despite the Covid-19 outbreak, I am happy to know that our residents are taking necessary precautions to protect themselves and loved ones during this period. The community in Sembawang has also been putting extra effort to keep the estates clean and hygienic for all. Volunteers have also been distributing care packages to those in the frontline of this outbreak. We thank them for all the support provided.

The first quarter remains an eventful one for us in Sembawang GRC. One significant event was the official opening of Sembawang Hot Spring Park on 4 February 2020. This newly upgraded park has many new facilities including a cascading pool, naturalized stream and a café, yet retaining its original rustic and kampung-like ambience. Since its opening, it has remained a popular spot for visitors.

The upgrading of Vista Park in Admiralty and the ABC Water Project in Gambas are two new highlights in the GRC. These additions have been well-received, and are very much enjoyed by our residents. If you have the time, do drop by for a visit.

Another significant event that took place this quarter is the unveiling of ‘The Momentary Monument’, which commemorates the historic speech made by the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew on 12 September 1965 at the former site of Sree Narayana Mission (SNM). Although the Mission has since been moved, the spot at which the speech was made is a HDB estate in Sembawang. This gives the sculpture even greater meaning. Do drop by the open space near Blk 312 Sembawang Drive to take a look at this new sculpture in our neighbourhood with your family and friends.

I hope you will enjoy these new amenities in our GRC. Go out and have fun at these spots but do take precautions. Practise good personal hygiene by washing your hands regularly and avoid touching your face with your hands. Do see doctor and stay home if you are feeling unwell.

I wish each and everyone of you well. Take care.

Vikram Nair
Sembawang Town Council

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