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Meet Joel Tan, Bowling

#knowourSGathletes: Joel Tan, Bowling

This is part of our #knowourSGathletes series, where we highlight some of our 24 athletes staying within our Kampung Sembawang​ community. :)


Beneath the black-framed glasses, you can see the sparkle in Joel’s eyes when he talks about bowling. He shows you his fingers where the skin have peeled, a result from the intensive training, quite nonchalantly. Indeed, the commitment which he has for the sport certainly goes beyond being skin-deep. Despite his small stature, his forceful and sharp strikes have keep his opponents on their toes. Besides bowling, he also enjoy sweating it out over a game of football with friends. 


When asked why bowling, this is what he said: "The sound of the pins and the excitement of not really knowing whether you will strike gives me that 'kick'."


Let us support our Sembawang homeboy, Joel, as he plays bowling for Team Singapore​ in the SEA GAMES 2015​! Check out the full story on Kampung Sembawang Facebook page here.