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#rawrsome: 6-year-old Weizhe

“Tell Jiejie about Nian.” Mr. Lin encourages his son, Weizhe. Weizhe, obviously shy, pipes up after a few moments. “A monster.” “And how do we scare the monster away?” “With dragon and lion dance.” A pause, then Weizhe breaks out into a toothy grin and adds, “also with lots of sound and red!”


(He is referring to the legend of Nian, a monster chased away by the noise made by the villagers dressed in red—two elements which the monster is afraid of.)


6-year old Lin Weizhe is one of the youngest members of the Admiralty Junior Lion Dance Troupe. His practice clothes dwarf his small frame, but the ear-to-ear grin on Weizhe’s face throughout practice reveals how the child feels exactly about lion dance. 


“Weizhe fell in love with lion dance when he was 2 years old,” Mr. Lin tells us. “During Chinese New Year, he’d see lion dance performances on television or at the malls. My mother-in-law even bought him a miniature lion head once, and he just ran around the house with it all day. And so we found out about the troupe and brought him here and he loves it.”


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