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#rawrsome: Teacher Roger

Amidst the sea of children, he stands out. Teacher Roger, or “Uncle Roger”, as he is more affectionately known among the children, is the mastermind and driving force behind the Admiralty Junior Lion Dance Troupe. Every Friday night, Teacher Roger directs practice for the Junior Lion Dance Troupe—not an easy feat with children running around the place helter-skelter. Yet, it is in that atmosphere of seeming chaos that Teacher Roger’s unflappable authority and expertise becomes evident, coaching a fresh troupe to place 6th at national level in the National Lion Dance Competition (Open Category) last year.


Due credit must also go to Teacher Roger, and this can be seen in the glowing compliments paid to him by the parents. “Teacher Roger is a volunteer. He also belongs to a lion dance troupe outside.” Mr. Lin, father to Weizhe, tells us. “He spends his Friday nights training these kids and there are no fees whatsoever. He does this purely out of his passion and interest in lion dance, which is fantastic.” 


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