Dear Residents


It’s the last lap of 2018. It has been a fulfilling year for the community this year. There are many exciting developments coming up.

The last quarter of this year has been busy. The rejuvenated Jelutung Harbour Park was reopened, and we enjoyed a hearty workout climbing stairs at the Vertical Challenge. Residents of all ages turned up for the celebration and it reminded us of our childhood when the young ones rushed to play in the water except that this was a brand-new water playground.

More trees were planted in our neighbourhood during our annual Tree Planting Day held across all divisions in Sembawang GRC.

Often, we may forget the team of people who are working hard to make our homes a better place to live in. A simple “hello” and a smile when you see our conservancy workers will be nice.

Deepavali was celebrated across the GRC with vibrant lights and gatherings. The last stretch of 2018 should be as fulfilling as the beginning. Gear yourself up for adventures around the neighbourhood this December holidays.

I sincerely wish all residents a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year in 2019!


Vikram Nair

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