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Sayang Sembawang March 2017

Dear Residents,

A new year means new opportunities and experiences. This 2017, I look forward to making more unforgettable and happy memories together with our Sembawang community.

We kicked off the new year on a high note at the annual Sayang Sembawang Countdown to 2017 (Pages 4-5). Those who were present were entertained by the variety of games and performances that went on throughout the night. At the stroke of midnight, we even welcomed 2017 with a dazzling fireworks display!

The festivities did not end there. Across the different divisions in Sembawang GRC, residents also ushered in the Year of the Rooster with joyous Chinese New Year dinners and celebrations in January (Pages 8 – 9). Well-wishes for a prosperous and auspicious Lunar New Year were exchanged all around as residents and neighbours gathered for a time of feasting and bonding.

We have a vibrant and thriving community here in Sembawang GRC, with many unique stories waiting to be told. That’s why this year, Sayang Sembawang will be shining the spotlight on individuals and local businesses in Sembawang GRC – sharing with you their journeys and experiences. In this issue, read on to find out more about the young people of Sembawang, who are putting their best foot forward to make their dreams and passions a reality (Pages 6 – 7).

There are also new changes to look forward to in our Towns this year. Families will be happy to hear about the newly upgraded Circle Green Park in our GRC (Page 10), which will bring young ones many hours of delightful fun. Woodlands residents also attended the Neighbourhood Renewal Programme (NRP) Consensus Gathering in December last year, where they were able to view the upcoming improvement plans for their neighbourhood (Page 11).

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