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Sayang Sembawang December 2019

Dear Residents,

We hope you are enjoying the school holidays and year end festive season with your families and loved ones. 2019 has been an eventful year for our Town Council and for our community.

In the last quarter, we celebrated the completion of our Neighbourhood Renewal Programme in Woodlands. Our residents can now enjoy upgraded facilities such as a retro playground, Zodiac garden, new jogging tracks and fitness stations. The new barrier-free access facilities will also allow people with disabilities to benefit from greater accessibility within the estate (Page 4 - 5).

We have also appointed a new term of Town Councillors in October to serve you for the remainder of this term of office. We have reorganised the committees and included an Audit Committee in line with the MND’s Code of Governance for Town Councils. We greatly appreciate the services of our retiring counsellors, including two dedicated veterans, Mr Law Shun Yong BBM (L) and Mr Bakerche Bin Mohamed BBM who served for more than two decades each. We also welcome a number of new councillors and we will all work together to improve and maintain our living environment (Page 7).

The last quarter also saw our Hindu residents and friends celebrate Deepavali and we have some coverage of these celebrations in our community (Page 11). We also have a feature on how our Green ambassadors from Wellington Primary School contributed to keep our neighbourhood clean (Page 10).

In relation to public transport, the new Canberra MRT Station started operations in November and has been serving residents living in the area well. For those who are living nearby or interested in visiting, we have featured some of the interesting upcoming developments around here, including Canberra Plaza (on page 8) the Bukit Canberra project (on page 3) and the new Sembawang Hot Spring Park (Page 9).

I wish our Christian friends a blessed Christmas. I also wish everyone happy holidays and Happy New Year!

Vikram Nair
Sembawang Town Council

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