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Sayang Sembawang September 2019

Dear Residents,

The month of August was an important one as we celebrated Singapore’s 54th National Day. This was a special celebration as this year also commemorates Singapore’s bicentennial, 200 years from the time Sir Stamford Raffles landed in Singapore.

At the time Raffles arrived in Singapore, the population was estimated to be around 1000 people. As an important port for the British in South East Asia, Singapore became part of a global empire. Many of our forefathers came to Singapore during this period, primarily from other parts of the Malay Archipelago, China and India.

In Sembawang, National Day celebrations took place in different locations and in different ways. Each celebration brought friends and families together. We had the chance to reflect on Singapore’s remarkable journey to date, the relatively privileged life we now live, and also, our responsibility to future generations. We also all came together on 10 August, together with friends from other parts of the North West, to catch the mobile column coming to the heartlands. It was a proud moment for us all.

Apart from the National Day celebrations there were other unique events as well. These included a Youth Festival and the PAssionArts Festival Village. A consensus gathering for Gambas’ Neighbourhood Renewal Programme (NRP) was also held to gather residents’ feedback. At Admiralty, the Youth Executive Committee organised a Bubble Tea Festival, one of the first of its kind, which attracted almost 1000 youths.

There are also exciting developments upcoming. In 2020, residents will be able to enjoy a newly upgraded Montreal Green Park, which boasts a butterfly garden, heritage corner, and many exciting and interactive playgrounds and fitness corners (Page 10). Our kids in Woodlands can also explore the new dinosaur-themed playground at Fu Shan Garden and take memorable family portraits for keepsake (Page 11). Other exciting developments such as two new sports parks in Sembawang and Woodlands, and the much-awaited Sembawang Hot Spring Park and Bukit Canberra, are also upcoming.

As we approach the end of 2019, I am happy to share that our community page, “Kampung Sembawang”, has been relaunched as “Sayang Sembawang” across all social media platforms to bring you the latest community news and town development updates. You can read more about it on Page 12. Sayang Sembawang!

Vikram Nair
Sembawang Town Council

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