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Sayang Sembawang Special 2020

Dear Residents,

This issue is likely to find you at home with your families, doing your part to keep the Covid-19 crisis at bay. Some of you may have just returned to work after the lift of circuit breaker measures in phases. Others may be in our frontlines or providing essential services, and continuing to work to keep our country going. We thank each of you for your efforts. This special edition of our magazine is where we take stock of the special developments in our GRC – many of which we hope we can all go out to enjoy again soon once this crisis eases.

These last five years has been a busy period of transformation and growth for us here in Sembawang. We witnessed exciting developments such as Kampung Admiralty, an integrated community hub with seniors housed conveniently on top in studios, the upgraded Sembawang Hot Spring, 4 new MRT stations, improved bus services, newly upgraded parks and the various precinct based upgrading programmes. I hope these new amenities have brought you and your family greater convenience.

With your support, we have witnessed our Town Plans come into fruition. Constructive ideas and feedback helped us to improve our Town immeasurably, and we thank you for your contributions. Residents can look forward to many improvements in our Town. This issue will bring you through the promises we have fulfilled from the past five years and set out our future plans in the GRC, which are just as exciting.

Sembawang is not only known for its iconic greenery and rich history, but also for its closely knitted community that makes the bond in Sembawang special. Community events, outreach programmes, kopi talks and block parties have been great opportunities for us to get to know one another better.

Looking into the future, we have many exciting plans coming up and we seek your continual support to enhance our community. A key development will be the integrated sports and lifestyle hub at Bukit Canberra, enhanced transport systems and added healthcare facilities, including the completion of Woodlands Health Campus. There will be lots of upgraded parks and sports facilities, retail developments and new neighbourhood precincts coming up, and estate developments which we hope you and your families will enjoy for many years to come.

We look forward to enjoying these milestones with you, and we hope to transform Sembawang into an even more vibrant town for us and our future generations. Sayang Sembawang!

Vikram Nair
Sembawang Town Council

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