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HeartTalk Special Issue 2015

Five years ago, we shared with you our 5-year plan for Woodlands and Sembawang Towns. These plans were developed with you, taking into account your feedback and suggestions. For example, many of you wished that your children could buy new flats near you as they planned for their new homes. In response, we urged the HDB to build more flats in our Towns and they did: some 5,500 new units have been added since. Likewise, there were requests for more eateries to keep prices competitive. Several hawker centres and coffee shops have either been completed or are being built ever since. With your support, we have successfully turned our Town Plans into a reality. This issue of HeartTalk chronicles our journey together in the past 5 years.


Together, we have achieved a lot thus far. But community building is a continuous and long term process. There is still much we need to do, and much we can continue to achieve together. Our next 5-year plan for our Towns will be even more exciting, and some of these ideas have been included in this issue.



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