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Meet Gan Chea Hau and Kong Peng Hui, Traditional Boat Race

#KnowourSGathletes: Gan Chea Hau and Kong Peng Hui, Traditional Boat Race

This is part of our #knowourSGathletes series, where we highlight some of our 24 athletes staying within our Kampung Sembawang​ community. :)


"Friendliness," Chea Hau and Peng Hui agree, when asked about their favourite thing about living in Sembawang GRC. "The people here are really friendly and warm, which makes living here really wonderful." 


The two athletes have lived in Sembawang GRC for a good part of their lives-- Gan Chea Hau for 20 years and Kong Peng Hui for 29 years. They are also part of the Traditional Dragon Boat team representing Singapore in this year's SEA Games. The guys share with us about their gruelling training schedule, leading up to the Games.   "We train 6 times a week, 2 sessions a day. These sessions take up from 2-3 hours in a day. Altogether in a week, we spend about 36 hours training." Chea Hau explains. 


With such intense commitment, its no wonder why both athletes share candidly that it's a struggle to balance both sport and the other areas of their life. "Juggling work and training is always tricky." Peng Hui admits. "But we started full-time training earlier this season so that we would be prepared for the SEA Games, and I definitely feel like that has paid off." 


"Of course," Peng Hui and Chea Hau agree, "its a huge honor to be able to represent Singapore and we really look forward to rallying together for excellence at the SEA Games." 


Support our Sembawang homeboys, Chea Hau and Peng Hui as they represent Singapore in Traditional Boat Race in the SEA GAMES 2015​! Check out the full story on Kampung Sembawang Facebook page here