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Meet Geraldine Lee, Canoe

#knowourSGathletes: Geraldine Lee, Canoe

This is part of our #knowourSGathletes series, where we highlight some of our 24 athletes staying within our Kampung Sembawang​ community. :)



Geraldine’s enviable sun-kissed skin tells of the number of hours she puts into her training. Never one to shy away from the sun, she enjoys the outdoor.  When she was in junior college, she decided to try out something new and chose canoeing. It has brought her to where she is today. A fighter to contend with in the waters, she is boisterous in person. She gamely admits that her friends would describe her as loud and animated. In her free time, she can’t stop listening to Korean songs.  


Having lived in Sembawang GRC for almost 15 years, Geraldine appreciates the friendliness of her neighbours. The foodstall
owners and shopkeepers whom she regularly patronises often greet her cheerfully.



Watch out for Geraldine in the Women’s K4- 200m and 500m events in the upcoming SEA GAMES 2015​. :) Look out for other Sembawang GRC athletes on Kampung Sembawang Facebook page here