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Meet Isabelle Li, Table Tennis

#knowourSGathletes: Isabelle Li, Table Tennis

This is part of our #knowourSGathletes series, where we highlight some of our 24 athletes staying within our Kampung Sembawang community. :)


She has been called a “rising table tennis starlet”, doing Singapore proud with a gold medal at the previous SEA Games in 2013, and a silver medal at the Youth Olympic Games in 2010. She has been keeping diligently at her studies, being awarded the Most Outstanding Graduate of the Year award during her graduation from Republic Polytechnic last year. Her grueling schedule with training starting at 8.45 am and ending at 7 pm daily keeps her working hard for the upcoming SEA Games to be held in Singapore.


And somehow, Isabelle Li finds the time to volunteer at the Meet-The-People sessions (MPS) as well. “Sometimes, when you play table tennis competitively, you’re just caught up in this environment of training and playing, and you don’t really get the chance to be connected to people outside of the table tennis family.

I’ve always liked stories a lot; just hearing the individual stories of people, and I also wanted to know what was happening in the place I stay in. So I went down to help out because it was a really good opportunity for me to get connected with my community and I really enjoyed it.” 


Isabelle is really a true blue kampung girl, having spent the better part of her years growing up in Sembawang GRC and we look forward to rallying behind her in the upcoming SEA Games. All the way, Isabelle!


We managed to get Isabelle to fill out our fun fact sheet, so that our residents could get to know her, not just as an athlete, but also as a person. Check it out on Kampung Sembawang Facebook Page! :)


Catch her in action at the upcoming SEA GAMES 2015​! The table tennis events will be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium from June 1. For more details, visit :)