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Meet Muhammad Ridhwan, Pencak Silat

‪#‎KnowourSGathletes‬: Muhammad Ridhwan Selamat, Pencak Silat


This is part of our #knowourSGathletes series, where we highlight some of our 24 athletes staying within our Kampung Sembawang community. :) 



For Ridhwan, Silat is a passion which runs in the family. His father is an international referee, and both siblings are in the local Silat clubs. Silat has taught him many values, including to never give up. He tells himself, “If you really want it, just go for it!” When he is not practising Silat, he enjoys going for a relaxing run at the scenic parks near his house in Sembawang. He is excited to be able to take part in the SEA GAMES 2015 since it will be held in Singapore, and hopes to bring glory to our country. We wish him all the best!


We managed to get him to fill up our #knowourSGathletes fun fact sheet. Check it out! :)



Ridhwan will be competing in Pencak Silat - Men's Tanding Class A (45kg to 50kg) Quarterfinals event on 11 June at 540pm at Singapore Expo Hall 2 against Indonesia. Let's cheer and support our Sembawang GRC Team Singapore athletes! :) Read about our SEA Games athletes staying within our community on Kampung Sembawang Facebook page