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Meet Silas, Hockey

#knowourSGathletes: Silas Abdul Razak, Hockey

This is part of our #knowourSGathletes series, where we highlight some of our 24 athletes staying within our Kampung Sembawang community. :)



“I started playing hockey when I was 9 years old.” Silas tells us. “I think what really attracted me to the game was just the speed and skill of it all—and I’ve not looked back since.”


Silas Abdul Razak will be representing Singapore in the upcoming SEA Games for hockey. His journey leading up to the SEA Games has looked a little like this: training for as much as 15-20 hours a week, balancing this with graduating from Nanyang Polytechnic​ with his Diploma in Chemical & Pharmaceutical Technology​. It seems as though nothing can stop the drive of this young athlete, although Silas shares candidly that this is not so sometimes.


“It’s not always easy to juggle school and hockey.” He says when we ask him to share about some of the greatest struggles he faces.


Silas has been living in Sembawang GRC for more than half his life—13 years— and he shares with us some of his favourite things about living here: the Fork & Spoon Food Court at Woodlands Mart and the cleanliness of our GRC, to name a few. “It’s nice to live in Sembawang.” Silas says. “Everything is convenient and accessible.”



Let us support our Sembawang homeboy, Silas, as he plays hockey for Singapore in the SEA GAMES 2015​! Read the full story on Kampung Sembawang Facebook page here