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#rawrsome: 13 year-old Sukeshwaran and his brother

“Stamina. Fitness.” Sukeshwaran says confidently, when we ask him what qualities lion dancers who stand at the “tail” of the lion costume must have. “Of course, the person you are lifting must be light,” Sukeshwaran adds with a grin.


13 year-old Sukeshwaran (on the right in picture) is part of the Admiralty Junior Lion Dance Troupe and is one of its oldest members. The troupe has 20-25 young members, ages ranging from 6-13. The Admiralty Junior Lion Dance Troupe, barely a year plus old, has already made waves-- clinching gold, silver and bronze medals in the Speed Dragon national competition (children’s category) last year.


“When I was younger, during Chinese New Year, I would always see the lion dance performance at my block.” Sukeshwaran replies, when asked why he joined the troupe. His eyes are bright with obvious passion. “The drums, the sound, the lion, the moves…It’s cool.”


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