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#rawrsome 8-year-old Bernice

“It’s fun,” says 8-year old Bernice, on what she likes about lion dance, “And I can play with my friends.”


Bernice is one of the four girls in the Admiralty Junior Lion Dance Troupe. The girls were having so fun much at practice, running alongside the other members of the troupe and effortlessly taking their assigned positions for the lion/dragon dance routine. Bernice herself takes the lead position at the head of the dragon dance (see photos).


We ask Bernice if there is anything she doesn’t like about lion dance, and get an immediate and empathetic shake of the head. (“It’s fun.”) But the young girl deliberates our question for a minute more. “When it gets too noisy sometimes, I don’t like it,” she decides finally, much to our amusement. Nearby, other members of the troupe are pounding mercilessly away on the drum and shouting to be heard over the noise.


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