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Sayang Sembawang June 2018

Dear Residents


The first half of the year has passed by swiftly, but it has undeniably been an eventful one for us here in Sembawang GRC! The annual Canberra Day and Admiralty Dream Big 5s Futsal Challenge gave us ample opportunities to have fun and bond as a community. Chingay Float Display @ North 2018 was also a highlight for residents who participated and attended this event, a time of entertainment and glamour.

We are also very proud to announce the official openings of Sunlove Senior Activity Centre @ Golden Saffron and Kampung Admiralty. Our pioneers have worked hard, and these designated community spaces are especially for them to retire comfortably.

How much do you know about your neighbourhood? Did you know of some of these secret entrances to bunkers were abandoned since WWII? Or family restaurants located right in the heart of Sembawang that have been passed down across generations? Read on to find out more!

A big thank you to all resident who joined our ‘Keep Clean Singapore 2018’ Campaign held in the different divisions last month. Your pledge to PHC (Pick up at Home and Community) brings us a step forward to a cleaner and greener neighbourhood. Let us also be considerate to our neighbours and refrain from high rise littering acts. Your kind support was much appreciated.

As we look forward to the next half of the year, many exciting and new developments will be ready, adding to our evolving Kampung Sembawang!


Vikram Nair