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Sayang Sembawang September 2016

Many of us are fortunate to call Sembawang home. What do you love most about our home, Sembawang?


Perhaps it’s the many developments set to take place here. The Sembawang Sports and Community Hub (SSCH) is one prime example. With a polyclinic, hawker centre, swimming pools, indoor & outdoor sports facilities and many more, the SSCH will have something for everyone. It will also serve as a vibrant space that promotes community bonding. Learn about all the latest updates on the Sembawang Sports and Community Hub in this issue (Page 3 – 7)!


Or perhaps, it’s the lively community that we have here in Sembawang GRC. Together, we celebrated Singapore’s 51st birthday, commemorating the years of hard work and sacrifice that have made us into the nation we are today (Pages 8 – 10). We also tended the community gardens in our Towns diligently, harvesting over 100 kg of fresh vegetables, which were used to make a delicious meal for low-income families in our midst (Page 11).


Our community is not only one that has fun together, but one that works hand in hand for the good of all. With the recent reports of Zika cases in Singapore, the Town Council has taken preventive measures such as the fogging of estates, the increased checking for and treating of potential mosquito breeding grounds. During this time, I would like to urge all residents to protect themselves, and also to do the 5-Step Mozzie Wipeout (Pgs 14 – 15).


Let us continue to work together to make Sembawang an outstanding home for all in the years to come. Sayang Sembawang, Sayang Singapore! 


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