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Sembawang GRC SG50 Discovery Race

In our SG50 Discovery Race on 26 July, residents pit their knowledge of Sembawang's rich history and heritage against one another. Besides highlighting Singapore's 50 years of independence, the race aims to educate the youths on the various milestones of Singapore. The race, held in Woodlands Galaxy Community Club, was officiated by Grassroots Advisers Mr Khaw Boon Wan, Mr Hawazi Daipi, Ms Ellen Lee Geck Hoon, Mr Vikram Nair and Mr Ong Teng Koon. 


The SG50 Snake and Ladder Game Kit was also launched during the event, which incorporates 50 significant events in our history, from SARS outbreak to Youth Olympic Games. The highly interactive and exciting Sembawang GRC SG50 Discovery Race required teams of 5 youth members to complete all game stations held at iconic locations in Sembawang, such as the iconic Beaulieu House. What a fun way to learn about Sembawang's rich history. :)


To see more photos, do check out Sembawang GRC Facebook Page, Kampung Sembawang


Sembawang GRC SG50 Discovery RaceThis morning, Sembawang GRC youths participated in Discovery Walk, where they had to...

Posted by Kampung Sembawang on Sunday, 26 July 2015