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Thermal Fogging Schedule (05/09/16 - 16/09/16)

Sembawang Town Council​ is stepping up efforts to fight against Zika.


As part of our collective community efforts, we will be intensifying our checks and treating of potential mosquito breeding grounds. In addition, we will be carrying out thermal fogging in your neighbourhood in the next two weeks. Take a look at the fogging schedule here and here.


Residents are advised to do the following:

1. Cover your food items, utensils, etc

2. Close your doors, windows and advise to remain indoors.

3. Keep your pets indoors or away from the fog and cover your aquariums.


We regret for the inconvenience caused.


Let's all do our part in the fight against Zika by doing the 5 Steps Mozzie Wipeout in our homes. Protect yourself by wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants and by spraying insect repellent! :) 


If you experience any of the Zika symptoms (fever, skin rash, red eyes, joint pain, muscle ache and headache), do seek medical attention immediately.


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