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Sembawang Sports and Community Hub

There will be many ways to stay active and fit with the upcoming and new development of Sembawang Sports and Community Hub! Located in Old Nelson Road, the SSCH is slated to be an inclusive destination for residents’ sporting, recreational, health and leisure needs.

Said to be a vibrant, accessible and integrated community hub with sports facilities in a green setting for residents to enjoy, here are 4 core themes that SSCH aims to provide holistically—green, water, health and food:-

Green - Flora and fauna enthusiasts can take ownership of the biodiversity through community gardening initiatives. It also aims to encourage greater appreciation and understanding of nature—both greenery and wildlife.

Water - Residents can look forward to an outdoor swimming pool nestled among natural settings. The outdoor pool will meet both the sporting needs of residents, while providing a sense of rest and tranquillity by keeping residents close to nature. Additionally, the Forest Gym at the SSCH will be an outdoor adventure, allowing residents to exercise at the various gym stations amidst lush greenery. Located alongside the Forest Gym is the sports lawn. This open space is ideal for team sports such as Football, Frisbee, Volleyball, Bubble Soccer and Touch Rugby.

Health - Seeking to enhance the mental, physical and emotional health of residents of all ages, a spectrum of care, ranging from primary to senior care provision, are different platforms of care and rehabilitation services for residents. Also, with the aim to promote individual ownership of health management, good health practices and habits will be bolstered through health programmes.

Food - There will be an eco-friendly hawker centre, complete with energy efficient lighting, water-saving fittings and food waste recycling infrastructure. Along with family-friendly features such as child-friendly toilet facilities. Residents will also be able to try their hand at community gardening in active gardening spaces with orchards of local fruit.

Ideas for the proposed facilities are being invited and refined. The projected completion date for the Sembawang Sports & Community Hub will be announced later when the plans are finalised, although certain facilities are expected to be up by 2019.

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Welcome to our website! For urgent estate feedback after office hours, please call the EMSU hotline at 1800 275 5555.                Welcome to our website! For urgent estate feedback after office hours, please call the EMSU hotline at 1800 275 5555.